Wisconsin Top Ten Consumer Complaints of 2011 released

The list of Wisconsin's Top Ten Consumer Complaints of 2011 has been released, and topping the list is telemarketers.

The full list is as follows:

    Sandy Chalmers, Division Administrator of Trade and Consumer Protection says the best way to limit the number of legitimate telemarketing calls you receive on your home or cell line is to sign up your numbers for the No Call List at 1-866-9NO-CALL, or online by CLICKING HERE. Telemarketers who knowingly and repeatedly violate the policy are investigated and can face fines and prosecution. "If you want to stop getting fraudulent robocalls, the best thing to do is hang up. Don't press a number to speak to a live person or to 'opt-out' of future calls, because that validates your phone number as an active account," Chalmers said.

    Consumer complaints can be filed through the Bureau of Consumer Protection's website by CLICKING HERE, sending an email to datcphotline@wisconsin.gov, or calling toll-free 1-800-422-7128.