Wisconsin Supreme Court denies new trial for Milwaukee man accused of killing parents

MADISON — The state Supreme Court says a Milwaukee man accused of killing his parents doesn't deserve a new trial to determine if he was mentally responsible for his actions.

Corey Kucharski pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease in connection with the 2010 deaths of Ralph and Pamela Kucharski. A judge found Kucharski was mentally responsible for the crimes. Kucharski was sentenced to life.

A state appeals court in October granted Kucharski a new trial, ruling he was in a psychotic state when he killed his parents.

The Supreme Court ruled 5-2 on Tuesday that the appeals court erroneously exercised its discretion and a new trial wouldn't produce a different result.

Kucharski's attorney, Matthew Pinix, says he's disappointed for Kucharski and the court's decision curtails appellate courts' powers.