Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker shows off star power at RNC

TAMPA -- This year's Republican National Convention proved Governor Scott Walker's national popularity among conservatives is sky high. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the most popular politicians in the Republican Party, and it could be argued Gov. Walker is a close third.

Whether he was announcing the vote of Wisconsin delegates in the roll call or speaking in prime time, the result was always a large applaud from the crowd.

"People felt it was a shared victory. I think people all across America felt like it was one of those defining moments in American history where we decided we wanted the government to be on the side of the taxpayers, and I think people here and maybe even some people at home felt the same way," Gov. Walker said.

New York Times Columnist David Brooks believes Walker has become a symbol.

"They were taking off on a daring course, doing some fiscal discipline, and they weren't sure if they were going to get slaughtered or not. The fact that he won that recall was so heartening for people around here. They regard it as like the Battle of Bunker Hill -- and they won it," Brooks said.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett sees Gov. Walker coming to a future Republican National Convention with his name on the ticket.

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