Wisconsin DNR: Two cougar sightings so far this year happened in Lincoln, Marinette counties

LINCOLN/MARINETTE COUNTIES (WITI) -- The DNR says the animals are somewhat rare to the area.The only two cougar sightings so far -  compared to eight all of last year - happened in Lincoln and Marinette counties.

"We've heard about it a lot lately -- just random people coming in saying they've seen one or heard about someone who saw one," Megan Houle of Wausaukee said.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says a cougar was spotted in Lincoln County in July.

"It's something that's rare but not unprecedented. We've had a few cougar sightings that we've been able to confirm. We had nine sightings last year that were either verified or likely. Most come they're from trail cameras," David MacFarland with the Wisconsin DNR said.

The DNR believes it could be the same cougar that was spotted in Marinette County on September 1st -- but, biologists couldn't get a genetic sample to confirm the cat's identity.

"They are an incredibly mobile animal," MacFarland said.

People in the area say they're a little anxious to know a large predator could be lurking in the woods.

"I live in town so it's not as big of a deal for me, but I think peole who live out in the middle of nowhere would probably be concerned about it with pets," Houle said.

The DNR says there's little risk to humans.

"Cougars are certainly capable of causing problems, but really the risk to residents in Wisconsin is very low. We have no documented evidence of injuries to people or domestic animals from cougars," MacFarland said.

Folks up north say they'll keep their eyes on these woods -- in case the cougar returns.

If you see a cougar, you're asked to report it. You can do that by visiting the Wisconsin DNR's website.