Wisconsin Dept. of Justice: 63 of 6,000 sexual assault kits tested so far

MADISON — Wisconsin Department of Justice officials say about 60 of 6,000 untested sexual assault evidence kits have been analyzed so far.

The kits are sitting for a variety of reasons, including prosecutors deciding cases were too weak to pursue, cases were resolved without testing or victims refused to cooperate.

Victim advocates have pushed for testing all the kits to establish profiles that could help identify serial offenders. The DOJ is working to secure victim permission before conducting tests.

DOJ spokesman Johnny Koremenos said Monday that 3,800 kits have been designated for testing. The state crime lab has tested 13 kits. DOJ has sent another 800 to a private lab; 50 have been tested there so far.

Koremenos says the testing process is complex and can take as long as six months.