Wisconsin Department of Revenue: 408K child sales tax rebate claims filed in 3 weeks

MADISON -- The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) announced Tuesday, June 5 that over 408,000 Wisconsin child tax rebate claims have been filed in the first three weeks.

With just under four weeks remaining in the filing period, officials are reminding eligible claimants to file for their $100 per child sales tax rebate. Claims must be filed by July 2, but DOR encourages those who are eligible not to wait until the last minute. DOR estimates that roughly 670,000 households, with 1.22 million children in total, are eligible to file a claim.

"We're pleased to see that so many people have already filed," said Department of Revenue Secretary Richard Chandler. "We encourage people to do it soon, so they don't forget.  After July 2, we are unable to accept claims, so if you're eligible, don't wait."

Have a dependent child/children? You're likely eligible for a $100 (per child) sales tax rebate

Sound fiscal management and a strong economy resulted in a state budget surplus of almost $400 million for the State of Wisconsin. Recently, a law was passed to return some of that surplus to taxpayers in the form of a Child Sales Tax Rebate. If you're eligible, you can claim it between May 15 and July 2.

What is the Child Sales Tax Rebate?

It is a $100 rebate for sales and use tax paid on purchases made for raising a dependent child in 2017.* You may claim $100 for each qualified child.
Who can claim the Child Sales Tax Rebate? If you have a qualified child, you're likely eligible. Each child's rebate may only be claimed by one individual.

A qualified child must be:

    How do I claim my $100 (per child) Child Sales Tax Rebate?

    The fastest and most convenient way is to go to childtaxrebate.wi.gov where you will find more details, frequently asked questions and information. You can apply for the Child Sales Tax Rebate online 24/7 from May 15 through July 2.

    If you don't have internet access, you may file a claim by phone at 608-266-KIDS (5437), Monday – Friday from 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.