Wisconsin Democrats push bill to require hazard pay, paid medical leave for health care workers

MADISON -- Health care workers in Wisconsin say they're worried about their working conditions during the coronavirus pandemic. Democratic state lawmakers are pushing legislation requiring their employers to provide hazard pay and paid medical leave.

Those employers could then apply for reimbursement from the Wisconsin Department of Administration. That means your tax  dollars would help provide those benefits, along with state-funded COVID-19 testing and treatment for health care workers.

"These workers deserve hazard pay, and health care coverage and paid sick leave," said Rep. Robyn Vining, D-Wauwatosa. "These workers are telling us this is what they need, and what they deserve, and we, as legislators, hear that, so we're taking action."

Vining, Rep. Mark Spreitzer, Rep. Daniel Reimer and Senator John Erpenbach are the bill's sponsors.