Wisconsin Court of Appeals will not intervene in Ozaukee County judge's order to purge state's voter rolls

MADISON-- The Wisconsin Court of Appeals in Madison announced on Tuesday evening, Jan. 7 that it will not intervene with an Ozaukee County judge's order to immediately purge the state's voter rolls.

Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) sued the Wisconsin Elections Commission for failing to follow state law -- and deactivate the registration of more than 200,000 voters who may have moved.

An Ozaukee County judge ruled in WILL's favor back in December.

The state asked the appellate court to take the case -- and put the Ozaukee County ruling on hold.

On Tuesday, the appellate court announced it would not take the case because it is waiting for the Wisconsin Supreme Court to decide whether it will hear the case.

The ruling is significant because WILL wants the elections board in contempt of court -- for not following the Ozaukee County order.

A contempt hearing is set for next Tuesday.