Wisconsin BBB issues alert over "robo calls"

MILWAUKEE -- The Wisconsin Better Business Bureau is issuing an alert over harassing phone calls, after receiving complaints regarding repeated, unsolicited "robo calls" to home phones and cell phones.

The BBB says the calls are recorded messages offering to lower credit card interest rates. Consumers say the message requests "press one to speak with a representative," and when they do so, the caller hangs up.

The BBB says they've received 17 written letters and dozens of phone calls within the last 10 days from consumers complaining after receiving these calls. Some of the calls appear to be coming from "Card Holder Services," though there is no such company in Wisconsin at the phone number that the calls are coming from.

Additionally, one of the numbers that the calls appear to be coming from was a former Fond du Lac cell phone number belonging to a family seven years ago, and is no longer current. The BBB says that family is now receiving angry phone calls from consumers, and the BBB says the received a letter from the family saying they "are not the responsible party for the harassing phone calls."

If you receive these phone calls, the BBB recommends you report the call to the Federal Trade Commission by CLICKING HERE, and check with your cell phone provider to have the number blocked.