Wis. Breast Cancer Showhouse opens to public for 16th year

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- In effort to raise money for breast cancer research, this year's Wisconsin Breast Cancer Showhouse has opened its doors to the public for tours.

This is the 16th year a Milwaukee home has been redesigned and redecorated to attract interested guests. All proceeds accumulated from the showing will be donated to the Medical College of Wisconsin for breast cancer and prostate cancer research.

Linda Short, P.R. chair for the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Showhouse, said the organization makes sure to research the history of the house before. Designers then go in and redecorate the rooms.

"We decided this a way to get the public through, learn a little history and see some wonderful decorating," Short said.

In regards to fundraising, Short said one of the most valuable assets of the organization is their 900 volunteers, who help to set up and run the event.

"We have made $4.75 million in the 15 years, all because of volunteers," Short said.

To qualify for redecoration, Short said a house must have separate ascending and descending staircases.

"When we find a house, one of the key things we need is an ascending and descending staircase," Short said. "Which to some people is like 'Oh, I don't have one of those, it can't be my house.' But the whole idea is for traffic flow - so when people come in they have to be able to go up and down."

The Wisconsin Breast Cancer Showhouse will be open until Monday, June 16th.