Will there be a SafeHouse in Chicago? Owner Greg Marcus provides cryptic response

MILWAUKEE/CHICAGO -- Will there be a SafeHouse in Chicago?

The Marcus Corporation, which now owns the SafeHouse in Milwaukee, may be exploring opening a second location in the Windy City.

Marcus President and CEO Greg Marcus gave a cryptic response to the Milwaukee Business Journal's inquiry about the possibility.

Marcus told the Business Journal: "Chicago is a big city. Somewhere in that big city might be our next location -- or then again, spies have been known to plant false information to throw other spies off the trail."

The SafeHouse in Milwaukee is located near 1st and Wells.

It reopened on March 11th, after renovations, after the SafeHouse was sold to the Marcus Corporation in June of 2015 from owner and creator Dave Baldwin, who passed away on December 20th, 2015.

The Newsroom Pub, the home of the Milwaukee Press Club, acts as the front for the espionage-themed institution and potential spies need to know a password if they hope to enter.

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