Will southeastern WI see a White Christmas?

MILWAUKEE -- Christmas is just eleven days away, and with no measurable snow so far in southeastern Wisconsin, some are wondering if Santa will deliver a "White Christmas" this year.

Kids from Francis Starms Early Childhood Center spent Wednesday afternoon in Pere Marquette Park - an annual trip that usually includes playing in the snow, but not this year! "There's mud, but no snow pants, so that's one less thing we needed today," Lisa Misky said.

Greg Peterson, who is in charge of the lights display at Pere Marquette Park and two other locations, says without snow, take-down in January should be easier. "We're getting close to January, so take down will be easier with no snow on the ground," Peterson said Wednesday.

At Lela Boutique, employees say sales are up, due to milder weather which encourages foot traffic. "Let it snow. We'll embrace that too. Here at Lela, we have holiday cheer no matter what the weather," Stephanie Sherman said.

Keri Von Husen is a Shorewood Salvation Army bell ringer who recently moved to the Dairy State, and says she's excited to experience her first significant Wisconsin snowfall. Von Husen says she's trying to encourage Mother Nature by singing Christmas songs nearly nine hours a day, several times a week. She says "White Christmas" is at the top of her list, right now.

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