Will 'Justice League' flop at the box office? The odds are in ...

Comic-Con International in San Diego is becoming more and more about the next big superhero and sci-fi movie than about the actual comics themselves, and 2017 didn’t disappoint with fans getting sneak peeks at some of the hottest blockbusters hitting the silver screen this winter, according to sister site Covers.com.

The one movie trailer that nearly stole the show was for Justice League – DC’s superhero team-up that brings classic heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg together to battle some big baddies.

Justice League is scheduled for release on November 17, and Covers’ oddsmakers have the “Super Friends'” total North American weekend gross Over/Under at $176 million, with the Over priced at +120 and the Under coming in at -110.

In comparison, Marvel’s first two Avengers movies posted opening weekends of $207.4 million and $191.3 million and Captain America: Civil War cashed in at $179 million. The last two DC’s movies – Batman v Superman and Wonder Woman – hauled in $166 million and $103 million in their opening weekends, respectively.

If you’re a fan of DC’s dream team, we’ve cooked up some fun prop bets to keep you guessing until Justice League drops in November. How about, “Will a member of the Green Lantern Corps make an appearance?” with Yes at -500 and No at +800. “Will a member of the Justice League die?” with Yes priced at +200 and No at -250. And “Will Jared Leto’s Joker show up in the film” with Yes paying out at +350 and No coming back at -500.

Editor's note: This article was a special report from Covers.com, a site also owned by Tribune. For more movie, sports and entertainment props, visit Covers.com