Wife literally FLOORED when husband of 38 years finds missing wedding ring, proposes all over again!

A man gave his wife of 38 years the surprise of a lifetime when he was able to locate and return her wedding ring to her -- 15 years after she lost it!

But that wasn't all!

A video posted to YouTube by the couple's daughter shows Dave Butler approaching his wife with the missing ring in hand.

Then -- he gets down on one knee!


The heartwarming video has nearly 300,000 views on YouTube.

In the video's description, the couple's daughter says: "We searched high and low for months, and finally came to the conclusion that (the ring) was lost on a job site or stolen. But on October 26th, we learned the truth. It had been stashed away in a small wooded box my dad just found."

Lacey Butler goes on to say: "My dad proposing to my mom again after 38 years of marriage -- with my mom and her apron in the garage!"