Whooping cough cases reported in Greendale School District

GREENDALE -- The Greendale Health Department has issued a pertussis (whooping cough) notice for parents after several cases have been confirmed in students from the Greendale School District.

Whooping cough, a contagious bacterial infection, affects the respiratory tract. Symptoms of whooping cough generally appear 7-21 days after exposure and include fever, runny nose and persistent cough.

"About every three weeks, you see another case," said Health Officer Susan Shepeard. "Some people have a very serious prolonged cough."

Shepeard says cases of whooping cough have tripled. The village has seen 45 confirmed and probable cases since January. 

"Because kids are coughing and in close contact with each other if they're working on projects or playing, it's very easy to spread," said Shepeard.

Wisconsin has seen more than 5,000 whooping cough cases since January.

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