When you're ready, Milwaukee radio station offers Christmas music 24/7

GREENFIELD (WITI) -- Ready or not, Christmas is in the air. On the air waves, that is.

Milwaukee's Oldies Station is now Milwaukee's Christmas Music Station.

Flip your radio over to 95.7 and you'll feel the holiday spirit. The radio station flipped the switch at 7 am on November 13th, officially changing over from the oldies they're known for, to playing Christmas music 24/7 through the holiday season.

It is a decade old tradition, and this year, the tradition kicked off with Percy Faith's "We need a little Christmas."

"I feel like we kind of do need a little Christmas. It's been kind of a rough year for some people, and we just need love and joy filling our air waves," said co-host of Murphy and Meg in the morning, Meg McKenzie.

If you think now is too early to switch over to Christmas music, how do you feel about Halloween day? Because that is what happened back in 2008.

"In years past, yes it has been the biggest chicken race in Milwaukee, which radio station is going to flip to Christmas music first," said McKenzie.

"Even I agree, that was a little bit too early, but it feels right now," said Dave Murphy, the other co-host.

Murphy and Meg each have their favorites, but they say they'll always remember our own Nicole Koglin's.

"Nicole admitted that it was the Hippopotamus song, and then proceeded to sing the most -how can I put this - sweet, fun version of the song you have ever heard," said McKenzie.

But if you're not quite ready for jingle bells, that's okay.

"We understand, when you`re ready for it we are here for you," said McKenzie.

The radio station will switch back over to oldies after Christmas Day.