When it opens, Ice Castles experience in Lake Geneva expected to be 'enhanced by tenfold'

LAKE GENEVA -- It is starting to look like a winter wonderland in Lake Geneva. Construction of the Ice Castles is well underway at a new location for 2020.

Ice Castles in Lake Geneva (January 2020)

From shoveling to picking out icicles, the Ice Castles are starting to freeze over.

"It's finally some nice winter weather," said Mike Nedeau of Geneva National Resort and Club.

"Definitely didn't help having one of the warmest Decembers on record," said Joe Weiler, build manager for the Ice Castles. "But we're back at it -- and this is the highest we've been and hopefully we don't lose any of it this time."

Ice Castles in Lake Geneva (January 2020)

This year's icy experience is at Geneva National Resort and Club (1221 Geneva National Ave S, Lake Geneva). But the castles' location is not the only difference.

"The overall experience is going to be enhanced by tenfold," Weiler said.

"We actually have three different snack shacks as well for you to enjoy," Nedeau said.

Ice Castles in Lake Geneva (January 2020)

In addition to snack shacks, Ice Castle crews say the space is much larger than last year's castle. So more people will be able to check it out. There is also double the amount of towers -- and that includes more lights and features.

Joe Weiler

"We have a really cool fountain this year. We're going to have a lot more slides than we did last year; a lot more tunnels for the kids," Weiler said.

Crews were working on Thursday, Jan. 23 to prep the floor -- adding new features and tunnels each day.

"They're six feet tall, then seven feet tall, and then eight, nine and ten. You can see them growing little by little each day," Nedeau said.

The plan is to open the Ice Castles next weekend. Of course, it is all dependent on the weather.

Ice Castles in Lake Geneva (January 2020)