"When children do well, we do well:" Briggs & Al Run and Walk raises more than $1 million for Children's Hospital

MILWAUKEE -- Thousands laced up their gym shoes and ran around the city all in the name of Wisconsin kids on the morning of Saturday, September 17th. They were running and supporting the 39th Annual Briggs & Al's Run and Walk for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin,

The run was a chance for kids to put their illnesses behind and just be kids. One of the 800 Children's Champions was 14-year-old Trinity Higgs.

Children's Champions

"We weren't sure what the future held for her. We were new parents. She was my first baby," said Rita Higgins, Trinity's mother.

At four-months-old, Trinity underwent her first heart surgery and two more would follow. She's now a happy, high school freshman.

Trinity Higgins

"I say a big thank you to everyone who's down here today," said Trinity Higgins.

The Higgins family has been volunteering for years at this event

"When children do well, we all do well. So for me, it started off as a personal thing but it's become more of a community thing for us," said Rita Higgins.

Briggs & Al's Run and Walk

On Saturday, September 17th, more than 15,000 people from the Greater Milwaukee Community came together to run and walk for the kids.

"I can't think of a better cause to give because you look around and these kids don't choose to be sick and so what you want to do is support and help them," said Todd Teske, President and CEO of Briggs & Stratton.

Briggs & Al's Run and Walk

The annual event is the largest of fundraiser for Children's Hospital so each step is a reminder of the care and support that Children's Hospital provides for Wisconsin kids.

"At Children's, we're 100% kids and teens all the time. We use special techniques and equipment to heal the kids and then get them back into the schools and communities," explained Meg Bryzski Nelson, President of Children's Hospital Foundation. "Insurance doesn't pay for all that, philanthropy and advocacy does."

Briggs & Al's Run and Walk

This years event raised more than $1 million. That means Briggs & Al's Run and Walk for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin has raised more than $19 million in its 39 years.