What stores, restaurants do you want to see in Brown Deer? Village leaders seek input from residents

BROWN DEER -- A survey went online Tuesday, March 22nd with the goal of attracting businesses that Brown Deer residents want to patronize. Village leaders are anxious to receive the results.

"We don't want to sit idly by and wait for the market to dictate what happens in our community," Nate Piotrowski, Brown Deer community development director said.

With this in mind, the Village of Brown Deer is using a 10-question online survey, which includes questions about residents' spending habits, what stores they frequent and what businesses they want to see in Brown Deer.

"We're hopeful to see a lot of good ideas and information that we can share with potential retailers that I think have often overlooked Brown Deer," Piotrowski said.

FOX6 News spoke with some who live or work in the village, and they definitely have ideas.

"We work in the area -- so having healthy places to go eat at lunchtime, World Market type stuff, anything that comes in with flavors from around the world,"  Mike Scholz said.

"We need a Panera or at least a Starbucks around here. That would be a good idea. Then I don't have to drive all over town to get my well-deserved coffee," Yinka Olapo said.

Piotrowski said Brown Deer has had an identity crisis, and it has to do with the roadway many associate with the village.

Brown Deer Road goes from the lake to Waukesha County, but only two miles of the roadway is in the village, and many of the building vacancies are in adjacent Milwaukee.

But vacancies do happen. Take the soon-to-close Kohl's store on Green Bay Road in Brown Deer, for example.

"I think it does present an opportunity where we could find an equally vibrant user. As well as refurbish that shopping center which is somewhat dated, at the same time," Piotrowski said.

Piotrowski said the survey will help village leaders be proactive in finding solutions for challenges, such as the Kohl's closure.

CLICK HERE for more information, or to fill out the survey.