'What is that?' Family makes shocking find inside can of green beans

MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma -- An Oklahoma family has a bizarre Easter story they'll never forget.

As they were preparing a dish for Easter lunch, they discovered a rodent in a can of green beans, according to KFOR.

Andrew and Chelsea Belflower went grocery shopping Saturday night for Easter at a packed Crest Foods on Douglas Blvd. in Midwest City.

They picked up eight cans of Best Choice fancy cut green beans.

They were getting ready for a pot luck dinner at church, where they're youth pastors.

"We started opening them and putting them in the crock pot and by about the fourth can, something dumped out into the crock pot, and my husband noticed it and said, 'what is that?'" Chelsea Belflower said.

Whatever it was wasn't green, and it wasn't a vegetable.

"I just noticed there was something black in the green beans and was like that's not normal. So I picked it up and threw it. mouse head!" Andrew Belflower said.

It was just the head and leg of a small mouse.

Chelsea called the manager at Crest, who told her she needed to call Best Choice.

She did, but couldn't get through to anyone on the weekend.

Obviously disturbed by what they found in their green beans, Chelsea and Andrew are worried the rest of the mouse could be floating around in other cans of green beans.

"It could be in one of the other cans on my counter, it could be at Crest, it could be in someone's pantry, it's really kind of grotesque," Andrew said.

It could also be a possible health risk.

The couple actually kept the mouse in case Best Choice wants to see it first-hand.

"I'm afraid there could be some bacteria or something in it, and if this has been in a batch, maybe the distribution center will want to test it," Chelsea said.

Whether it's a funny story or an alarming lesson, Chelsea hopes others pay close attention when they cook.

As for their pot luck, they had some baked beans on hand that did the trick.

" no animals coming out of the baked beans cans thank goodness," Chelsea said.

The manager at Crest said he'd take the rest of the Best Choice cans off the shelf.

NewsChannel 4 was unable to reach anyone with Best Choice on Easter Sunday.

However, we spoke with Best Choice on Monday afternoon.

Company officials say they are investigating and are working with Andrew and Chelsea to get pictures of the contaminated can.

They also say all the cans of green beans have been pulled from that state and there may be further actions in the future following the investigation.