What a difference a year makes regarding WI camping weather

WISCONSIN (WITI) -- We haven't seen heat like we saw last summer this year, and the DNR and Wisconsin campers couldn't be happier -- especially since the Fourth of July weekend is one of the busiest for Wisconsin state parks.

A nice little campfire actually felt pretty good for campers this holiday weekend at High Cliff State Park.

Last year? Campers say that wasn't an option.

"Too hot! My son and I lasted a day-and-a-half. It was unbearable," Larsen said.

The Larsen family from Racine had to cut last year's holiday camping trip short because of the heat. This year, they were much more comfortable.

Last 4th of July holiday weekend, temperatures ranged from the mid-90s to almost 100 in some areas of the state, and with the heat, came dry conditions. Several counties were under high fire danger, and some even implemented burning restrictions.

This year, fire danger is low for most of the state.

"Obviously it makes our job a little bit easier not having to worry about wildfires or something going wrong, but it's been a good year so far," Linda Guelig, High Cliff Park Manager said.

Even though there may be low fire danger, DNR officials say that doesn't mean there's no fire danger. Officials are asking campers and those outside to take caution.

"We want to make sure we put our fires out, keep them attended. It is a good time to be cautious and safe," Guelig said.

Fireworks are illegal in state parks, and the Wisconsin DNR says park rangers will be enforcing the ban.