"We've got to come together:" Some in Waukesha blame Virginia shooting on charged political climate

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- The shooting during practice ahead of a congressional baseball game on Wednesday morning, June 14th in Alexandria, Virginia came on the heels of several major political events in SE Wisconsin, including President Donald Trump's visit to Milwaukee and Waukesha on Tuesday.

Initial reports indicate the lone gunman, identified as James Hodgkinson, may have been targeting Republican politicians. Hodgkinson died as a result of his injuries Wednesday, President Donald Trump announced.

Alexandria, Virginia shooting

Image of James Hodgkinson. President Donald Trump on June 14, 2017 said the shooter who perpetrated the GOP congressional baseball practice attack is dead. Credit: Facebook

"We've got to come together as a country again," said Ardis Cerny, Waukesha resident.

Ardis Cerny

Some Waukesha residents said Wednesday the increasingly charged political climate is to blame for what happened in Alexandria.

"I've gone to numerous events. I've never been afraid. I've never been nervous," said Cerny.

Brian Dorow

There's already increased security during major political events like President Trump's visit Tuesday to the Waukesha County Technical College campus. WCTC Dean of Criminal Justice and Homeland Security, Brian Dorow, said he anticipates even smaller political forums, like town hall meetings may start to have security on hand as well.

"There's a standard package and there's extensive security with layers of protection for any of our dignitaries. When dignitaries come into town, before they would just walk into a location. Now, you're going to start to see more or less advanced work being done to see if it's safe, and checking out the immediate area," said Brian Dorow.

Pres. Trump arrives in Milwaukee

Dorow said one way to help prevent these kinds of active shooter situations is to report any suspicious activity ahead of time to police, like a threatening comment someone makes online.

Alexandria, Virginia shooting