West Bend teen's car destroyed in garage fire

WEST BEND -- A teenager's car was destroyed after the family's garage caught on fire Sunday night, April 29th. Officials say the fire broke out around 10:00 p.m. Sunday in a garage near Lilly Avenue in West Bend.

The family says they were sitting in their living room when they realized smoke and large flames were pouring out of their garage.

"I ran outside and I saw my car caught on fire, the gas tank blew up, a fire ball went outside of the garage and that's about it," Brad Sauve said.

Authorities say when they arrived on the scene, the garage was on fire and it was spreading to the home. Witnesses say the fire caused the teen's car to explode, totaling his Mustang, which he received last month as a 16th birthday present.

West Bend's Fire Battalion Chief says the fire appears to have started in the garage, however, the incident remains under investigation. The fire department says one firefighter suffered minor injuries but no one else was hurt.