‘We’re both about to die’: Memphis man accused of assaulting woman after breakup

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man was taken into custody and charged after a woman claims he assaulted and threatened to kill her when she told him she was moving on.

The woman told police she and Ricky Caldwell were riding around in a vehicle when she told him that she was breaking up with him May 23. The 33-year-old reportedly became “irate” and started punching her in the face. Once he stopped, she said he stepped on the gas, stating “we’re both about to die.”

Scared for her life, the woman told him she loved him, effectively calming him down so she could get home safely.

The victim stated Caldwell had previously abused her and had even threatened to kill her, so when he contacted her May 28 asking for a gun, she became scared he was going to hurt her. That’s when she called police and the alleged May 23 incident was reported.

Caldwell was arrested Tuesday and charged with domestic assault.