Website Tells the Truth about Beauty Products

There are a lot of beauty websites out there, but there's one thats differentiating itself with expert advice and unbiased product reviews.

Thousands of new beauty products are launched every year, and figuring out which ones are worth your money can be a full time job. Luckily the editors at a fast growing website have your back, and face.

We met up with Wendy Zedher as she was getting a whole new look at the Warren Tricomi Salon.

"This is my first time ever attempting to do this, so I'm excited and nervous. I've never changed my look - really ever", said Wendy.

The 30 year old recently shed more than thirty pounds and her story will be shared with millions of women everywhere.

"I just couldn't go on feeling like this and looking like this anymore so I just decided for myself, to get active, eat healthy, and exercise and lose the weight", said Wendy.

It's part of a photo shoot and write up for

So while Wendy is cut, coiffed and made up, editor Meghan Rabbitt is crafting her story to post online. Once the story is complete it's posted on the site, ready to be shared with women around the world.

"I think readers are going to  see Wendy's story on and say I can relate to her, you know? She is so lovely and wonderful and wants a new look and a new style and readers are going to be able to identify themselves with her", said Meghan.

The site is basically a more interactive version of those glossy magazines you might pick up at the salon. It prides itself on the fact that it's more than 50-thousand reviews on some 4 thousand products are totally unbiased.

"So before you buy a mascara at the drug store, you want to log on and find out what real woman readers are saying, its completely unbiased so you can really trust it," explains Meghan.

The makeover left Wendy looking fresh faced and glowing.

Wendy said, "I hope its inspiring for other girls that struggle with weight-loss and hopefully they'll read my story and be inspired to do it themselves and not be afraid to change and help them feel better about themselves".

The site also offers a section dedicated to free product samples.

If you want to check out Wendy's story, click here.