Website Puts You in the Director's Chair

If you've ever wanted to be a director, here's your chance. There's a new and unique scary movie experience happening online, that puts you in the directors chair.

The project is called Bxx Haunted, six actors were put in a house with 16 cameras rolling non stop for almost two days. What happens next is up to the viewer to decide.

The 33 hour paranormal investigation show happens in real time, so the actors don't get any breaks from action to cut.

"Absolutely exhausting, it started taking a physical and emotional toll on us. More than we actually, I think predicted would happen," said actress Kalinda.

With more than 500 hours of footage, editors would usually pick out the best parts and make a story, but this is different.

"You are the director, you are the editor, you're the person who chooses what's interesting and what's not. You're going to experience it the way you want to experience it, you're not being hand fed a story," explained Co-Creator Daniel Knauf.

All of the video captured will be accessible online. Viewers can watch it in any order they want. Pick a time, a character, a room or whatever else you want to follow.

"How do you script a forty-eight hour drama? How do you script a drama where you get scenes happening concurrently in two different rooms? So I had to reinvent a certain script formatting process," said Knauf.

Best known for creating the HBO show "Carnivale", Knauf and his business partner came up with the idea of this new project called  "Haunted".

Knauf explained, "Its a group of paranormal investigators. All of the them go into this notoriously haunted house and they have forty-eight hours to make their bones and prove the existence of ghosts and things go really, really wrong".

If the concept works, the creators want to do all kinds of story lines, such as space exploration or September 11th. If you want to check it out, click here.