Website Lets you Try Gadgets Before you Buy

Why buy when you can try? That's the name of the game for YBUY, the new website that sends you a gadget to test out every month.

When it comes to gadgets, keeping up with the latest and greatest can get expensive. But, for $50 dollars to start and $25 dollars a month YBUY delivers a gadget to your door to try out for 30 days.

"I've gotten the, Rabbit purifier ...Roomba... and Dyson hot, which is an interesting hot air fan," said Joel Revoredo, a YBUY member.

One of the benefits of YBUY is that customers are not attached to a product they don't like.

"You don't have to commit to actually buying it," said YBUY member, Laurie Burns. "So you can test it out, see if it fits your lifestyle, if not you just return it."

YBUY's aim is to make the shopping experience easier for consumers.

"We'll basically bring the showroom... into your home," said YBUY CEO, Stephen Svajian.

Svajian came up with the idea for YBUY after he experienced a nightmare situation trying to return an item he purchased from an online retailer.

"A lot people have these junk piles in their garages of things that they've bought online that they shouldn't have," said Svajian.

So instead of buying something online before trying it out, members of YBUY can choose from a list of gadgets curated by the company.

In recent months they've offered everything from the XBOX 360 to Coffee Bean's One Cup Coffee Maker and even a high-end air purifier.

"There are certain things that we shouldn't buy online..." Svajian said. "What we enable people to do is to try those first."

YBUY is definitely a fun concept--the ultimate rush for gadget enthusiasts--but remember it's usually a lot easier to unpack a gadget than it is to send it back, even if the shipping is free both ways. Also, if you break it, you buy it.

YBUY is a membership service and as you might expect, the waiting list is pretty long. So if you really want to check out a gadget, it might be faster to go to your local store.