"We want to put a stop to this:" Brewers Hill neighborhood targeted by package thieves

MILWAUKEE -- Thieves stealing packages right off the front porch of a Brewers Hill home in broad daylight were caught on camera.

Scott Lindauer says had he realized his package would be delivered without needing a signature, he wouldn't have allowed it to happen. Now, he just wants his neighbors to take a good look at the thief he caught on camera.

"He cut through the backyard," said Lindauer.

Brewers Hill package thief

Scott Lindauer

Lindauer knows precisely when his package was stolen because his phone app told him so.

"About 3:20 in the afternoon, there on the 5th(Tuesday), I saw some activity happen," Lindauer said.

A phone app connected to Lindauer's backyard and doorbell surveillance cameras showed a man come through his backyard, work his way around the side of his home and make off with the television Lindauer bought on Black Friday.

"As soon as he came into sight, it picked him right up," Lindauer said. "Standing on my planter bed and stole the package."

Brewers Hill package thief

Brewers Hill package thief

Brewers Hill package thief

Lindauer says he didn't realize the package would be left if he wasn't home.

"Silly me. I had assumed for a large-ticket item it would have required a signature. Unfortunately, that's not how Best Buy ships their products," Lindauer said.

Lindauer is not the only resident on the block to be ripped off in recent weeks. Video from a neighbor who lives on the same block in Brewers Hill shows a man park in front of the house, stroll up to the porch and take off with a package.

Brewers Hill package thief

"Based on some of the feedback I've gotten, I'm not the one this guy has stolen from," Lindauer said. "We want to put a stop to this first off. And second of all, I kind of want to embarrass this guy a little bit for being a jerk, right!?"

Milwaukee police advise people to require a signature, or have items delivered to your workplace; utilize delivery tracking and also be neighborly and report suspicious activity.

Brewers Hill package thief