"We pray for our city:" Another tense day in Dallas after five officers shot & killed by sniper

DALLAS -- It was a tense evening in Dallas, Texas once again on Saturday, July 9th after an anonymous threat against law enforcement across the city.

SWAT teams and K-9 officer searched a police parking garage near the Dallas Police Department headquarters for hours Saturday evening -- after receiving a report of a suspicious person.

Nothing suspicious was found.

Search of parking garage in Dallas

Search of parking garage in Dallas

Dallas remains a city on edge after a sniper opened fire on officers guiding a protest march two days ago, killing five officers and injuring seven others, along with two citizens.

FOX6's Ben Handelman, on scene in Dallas, found a growing memorial Saturday at the Dallas Police Department. Squad cars were covered with flowers and messages of support.

Growing memorial outside Dallas Police Department

"We wanted to get here no matter what," David Flannery said.

Retired Sgt. Chandler David stood at attention outside the Dallas Police Department for hours Saturday -- too focused to speak.

Retired Sgt. Chandler David

Flannery lent his voice for his friend.

Retired Sgt. Chandler David

"We're here today to show the actions of an individual do not reflect the actions of a larger organization," Flannery said.

While Dallas' mayor came to the Dallas Police Department Saturday, there were no formal press conferences. It was a day to come together and mourn the five law enforcement lives lost -- and pray for peace.

"We all have broken hearts, that are here right now.  We all do.  Words cannot express, but you know our pain, and you know their pain," one person said at the memorial.

Memorial outside Dallas Police Department

Delia Garcia grew up just blocks from the Dallas Police Department. She brought her family to the Dallas Police Department to see the memorial firsthand.

"I  wanted to show them all lives matter.  It matters, you know? To have them in our hearts and prayers and our support," Garcia said.

It was a chance to remember five men who lost their lives while serving -- while working to keep everyone safe during what was a peaceful protest.

Memorial outside Dallas Police Department

Gretchen Rocha

"They put our lives at risk for us.  It's heartbreaking," Garcia said.

"We pray for our city of Dallas.  Dallas Strong, We love you and we support you and we stand by you.  In the name of Jesus Amen," one person said at the memorial.

Ben Handelman on Saturday stopped by the home of a family member of Gretchen Rocha, a Wisconsin native who has been a Dallas police officer for just a month. Rocha was injured by shrapnel in Thursday's shooting, and a fellow officer died in the vehicle she was driving.

That family member said Rocha did not want to talk about what happened at this time, but said she is at home, resting.

In a city rocked by a night of terror, Dallas responded with an outpouring of support for its police forces after the loss of five officers. The Dallas Police Department headquarters was swarmed with flags, candles, flowers, balloons and messages of