'We need food:' Shoppers swarm grocery stores, stocking up before winter bears down

WEST BEND -- Washington County is expected to get walloped by our winter storm this weekend -- and that is making for quite the scene at grocery stores on Friday night, Jan. 10.

It was a busy day for grocery store workers helping shoppers get stocked up on food and road salt for a weekend of winter weather and of course, Packers football.

"I'm trying to get me some groceries before the Packers game and I'm trying to hurry up and get me some groceries before the snowstorm comes," said one customer.

"We're stocking up on water, food -- gonna make the house full. We need food," said another customer.

Store managers hopped on registers to keep up with the long lines at Woodman's in Menomonee Falls. They say for a Friday night, it was twice as busy as usual.

It was a very different story at the Washington County Fair Park and Conference Center -- where the Winter Carnival scheduled for Saturday has been canceled.

Kellie Boone

"We're just as disappointed as everybody that was planning to come. But with the conditions that are coming in, we just felt that it was the safer choice," said Kellie Boone, Executive Director for the Washington County Fair Park and Conference Center.

Officials just do not want participants driving on icing roadways.

"We're hoping to be able to reschedule this year. But if not, it will return next winter," Boone said.