"We have an emergency here:" Committee unanimously approves resolution creating Office of African-American Affairs

MILWAUKEE -- In the wake of the unrest in Milwaukee on the heels of the fatal shooting of Sylville Smith by a Milwaukee police officer on August 13th, a resolution was proposed and passed to create an "Office of African-American Affairs" Wednesday, September 7th.

Authored by Alderman Khalif Rainey, the measure establishes the office in Milwaukee.

The request was heard in front of the Community and Economic Development Committee at City Hall Wednesday afternoon.

Rainey pointed to the overwhelming perception people have of Milwaukee as a reason this office will help.

"We have an emergency here in Wisconsin, here in Milwaukee as it relates to African-Americans -- with the distinction of being the absolute worst place to live if you happen to be an African-American man, woman or child," Rainey said.

The office's purpose will be to help administrate and implement city policies regarding the special needs of the city's African-American residents.

“It’s time to do everything we can as a city to make sure all of our citizens have a chance to live better and richer lives, and that all of our children can reach their full potential,” Rainey said in a statement.

The committee showed overwhelming support for the proposed office which was unanimously passed.