"We are so lucky:" Thousands of books are going from kids in Greendale to kids in Milwaukee

GREENDALE -- Thousands of books are going from kids in Greendale to kids in Milwaukee's central city. It is all thanks to the efforts of students in the Greendale School District.

"We are so lucky to have this many books in our school and in our lives," said Jenna Mayer, sixth grade student.

Mayer parted ways with books she got for Christmas a few years ago so another child can enjoy them.

"It is just fun to read once you get into it, because it can take you on an adventure. You never know where you are going to go," said Mayer.

The Greendale School District is holding a book drive benefiting the Next Door Foundation.

"Their mission is to get a book in the hands of every student in the central city, so they have a book to call their own," said Dave Vogt, Greendale School District social worker.

Next Door families receive the books for free. The non-profit helps children in Milwaukee with language and literacy development -- and Greendale students are eager to help.

"You can expand your vocabulary. You can learn more things you didn't know about in books," said Kyra Beier, sixth grade student.

"They help you with everything. They help you learn more," said Yulissa Sanchez, sixth grade student.

The Greendale students said they couldn't image life without books.

"I have a shelf in my bedroom and there are a bunch of books stacked up on that and there is another shelf outside my room, and my brother has a basket of books," said Sophia Thiel, sixth grade student.

The book drive has been a tradition for the district since 2001. The district has donated more than 50,000 books to kids in need.

"We are not just teaching academics. We are raising children and good citizens," said Vogt.

The Greendale School District is accepting donations of children's books from the public. You can drop off books at the Greendale Middle School office this week.

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