Waukesha pastor donates retirement for new church facility

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- A Waukesha pastor is making a donation of a lifetime to his Waukesha church -- donating his retirement to help the church get a new facility.

For the past 24 years, Pastor Michael Hook has led the True Life Church congregation.

"We felt the passion to come to Waukesha to spread the gospel of the apostolic truth and Pentecostal message to this area," Hook said.

The multicultural church's member count has doubled, so to meet the needs, the church expanded and Pastor Hook made a generous donation to the new building campaign.

"I felt like the greatest investment I can make would be in the future generations to impact this building to train and disciple people for generations to come," Hook said.

Hook has donated more than $100,000 of his retirement savings to the church.

"It's not what we take with us. It`s what we leave behind," Hook said.

Members say the altruistic act is just part of Hook's character.

"He is very humble about his giving toward our building campaign. but if it wasn`t for him and his selfless act and sacrifices he and his family have made, the church would not be there today," church member Caroline Jens said.

The funds donated by Hook have been a big aid during the transition into the new facility and continuous missions.

"We`ve met the needs of the congregation and the community so we haven`t pulled back on the missionary work we`ve done. We haven`t pulled back on the food pantry. We haven`t pulled back on helping people with utility bills," Jens said.

As for Pastor Hook and his finances after his retirement, he says he remains steadfast in his faith.

"I know that God will provide," Hook said.

Hook has not yet set a date for his retirement.