Waukesha man accused of having marijuana shipped to his home from California is sentenced

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- A Waukesha man, accused of having marijuana shipped from California to his home in Waukesha, and then taking the packages to a home in Milwaukee, and helping to sell it has been sentenced in the case against him.

36-year-old Timothy Phoneprasith in January 2016 pleaded guilty to one felony charge of possession with intent to deliver THC, greater than 1,000 to 2,500 grams. Four other charges were dismissed.

Timothy Phoneprasith

In court on Monday, February 22nd, it was ordered that Phoneprasith serve 14 months in prison and 46 months extended supervision, with two days credit.

A criminal complaint issued against Phoneprasith says on January 16th, 2015, a detective with the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) program reported he and his canine partner performed a sniff of a package at a UPS store in Elm Grove, and K9 Flora indicated on a box inside the store. The shipping label indicated the box came from California, and it was being sent to an "Alex Phon" at a home on Oakdale Drive in Waukesha.

A search warrant was obtained for the contents of the package, and when the box was opened, it was found to be lined with sheet metal. When the sheet metal was pulled back, a detective observed a green, leafy substance believed to be marijuana inside the box. The substance tested positive for the presence of THC.

The box weighed 9.6 pounds, according to the complaint.

Later that day, the package was delivered, and Phoneprasith was observed taking the box inside.

One week later, a detective was contacted by UPS security -- as another package was located in Elm Grove -- being sent from California to the same Waukesha address on Oakdale. The label indicated the package was being sent to "Tony Phommasone."

The package was opened by UPS security, and three vacuum sealed packages were found inside. The substance inside tested positive for the presence of THC. The total weight of all three packages was 3.4 pounds, police say.

A detective performing surveillance on Phoneprasith's home on January 23rd observed a package on the porch at the home on Oakdale Drive -- delivered by FedEx. That package was picked up by Phoneprasith's son shortly before Phoneprasith was observed arriving home.

A short time later, police say Phoneprasith was observed leaving his home and heading to an address on Cherry Street in Milwaukee with a briefcase. He was observed entering the Cherry Street home with the briefcase, and leaving without it.

On January 28th, a search warrant was executed on Phoneprasith's home in Waukesha. Phoneprasith told police he had approximately four packages of marijuana delivered to his home from California through UPS and FedEx since July of 2014. Phoneprasith told officials he would deliver the packages to the home on Cherry Street, where he was paid $500 per package -- or some of the marijuana that was shipped in the packages if the individual on Cherry Street was unable to pay.

Phoneprasith told officials he would sell the marijuana for $250 per one-ounce bag, and said the individual on Cherry Street would sell the marijuana as well. Phoneprasith said when the individual on Cherry Street would sell the marijuana, he would then call Phoneprasith to obtain the money Phoneprasith made through the sale of the marijuana. Then, the individual on Cherry Street would hand over all the money to Phoneprasith, along with a filled out deposit slip for Wells Fargo Bank.

During the execution of the search warrant at Phoneprasith's home, officials found numerous deposit slips for the Wells Fargo accounts.

Officials also recovered a baggie with two bags containing a substance that tested positive for the presence of THC and three small bags containing a substance that tested positive for THC, along with a scale and packaging materials.