Waukesha County widow completes mission to pave road where husband was killed on bicycle 

Brian Yagoda

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- One year after a Waukesha County pediatrician was struck and killed by a car, his life and legacy is being honored in a big way.

One year ago, on June 14, Doctor Brian Yagoda -- an avid cyclist -- went for a bike ride to clear his mind.

"I think it was a way for him to get away from being a doctor and problems he can't solve and just go out there and relax and be free of everything," said Shirley Yagoda, Brian's wife.

Brian Yagoda

Dr. Yagoda never returned home.

Yagoda was hit and killed by a car while on Golf Road near Maple Avenue in the Town of Delafield. His wife, Shirley Yagoda, remembers his kind heart.

"If someone was mean to him, he would just be extra nice to them so there would be no conflict," said Shirley Yagoda.

Shortly after his death, Shirley Yagoda  made it her mission to create change. With the help of friends and strangers, she raised roughly $70,000 and teamed up with Waukesha County to make the road safer.

Shirley Yagoda

"Just so no one else had to live through what I lived through," Shirley Yagoda said. "Losing a husband so unexpectedly or a child or a wife."

The finished product is a widened Golf Road, stretching from Maple to just before Greywood Lane -- offering a smooth surface and more space.

"I'm not sure how many people travel on this with bikes and kids walking and skateboards but I'm sure it's a lot easier. They won't be so close to the traffic," Shirley Yagoda said.

The journey hasn't been easy. Shirley Yagoda is determined to do more to save lives.

Brian Yagoda

"I don't know yet what that is but I'm going to keep raising money and making roads safer for bikers," Shirley Yagoda said.

Shirley Yagoda wanted the project finished by Father's Day, and the county made it happen. The driver charged in the crash that killed Dr. Yagoda is scheduled to appear in court July 1.