Waukesha Co. NAACP urges Butler Police Dept. be disbanded

BUTLER (WITI) -- A Waukesha County group wants the entire Butler Police Department to be disbanded after a scathing report detailing behavior in the department was released on Thursday, June 6th.

That 350-page report says some officers watched pornography on the job or exposed themselves. The report also says nearly every member of the force took part in an atmosphere described as a "frat house."

Some of the most shocking allegations include racist comments uttered by police officers. Now, members of the NAACP of Waukesha County are demanding action -- and calling for the entire department to be disbanded.

Next week, village officials say officers will have eight hours of classes on issues of racism and poor behavior. The punishment dished out so far -- three days suspension. The NAACP says that's not enough.

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