Waukesha Co. middle school students shadow workers at Milwaukee Tool

BROOKFIELD -- About 1,200 middle school students in Waukesha County shadowed workers at Milwaukee Tool on Thursday, Feb. 6.

It was part of a partnership with "Kids Building Wisconsin" and the Waukesha County Business Alliance. The students worked on creating electrical circuits, using scrap metal to make a toolbox, building part of a house and even learning how an elevator works.

Erica Marty

"This generation is going to be so important to our industry moving forward, so it's great to see them enjoying these experiences," said Erica Marty, president of Kids Building Wisconsin. "Hopefully, that carries through to some interest in finding a career in this industry someday."

This is the second year of the partnership in Waukesha County. The program works to teach students that the skilled trades industry has many fulfilling, stable, high-paying jobs to consider.