Waukesha parade victims: Wheelchair ramp donated for impacted family

The victims of the Waukesha Christmas parade attack have great needs. Now, contractors are volunteering to build something that will help some of the people who were seriously hurt – and they're doing it for free.

The contractors don't normally work together, but the rampage brought them together. They started with one family Wednesday and are offering to help any of the other injured victims in need.

"I’m just trying to make whatever life happens at this house after I leave as easy as physically possible," said contractor Brock Held.

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The contractors are teaming up to build a wheelchair ramp for a mother and daughter injured when a suspect drove through the parade.

"I just think it’s really nice that they are helping out, because my mom is really going to appreciate this," said Jesus Perez. "She’s a really nice person, and she’s going to appreciate it."

Contractors work to build a wheelchair ramp for Waukesha parade attack victims

Perez's mom, Romelia, suffered blunt force trauma and lower spine fractures. She had surgery on a fractured pelvis with more surgeries ahead. Perez's 11-year-old sister, Camila, suffered a fractured leg and head injury. 

"At first we were really scared, obviously, because we didn’t know what could happen," said Perez. "Now we’ve calmed down a little bit more because I thank God that nothing  happened to them, because it could have ended way worse."

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Home Depot in Delafield is donating the materials for the contractors to get the house ready for a wheelchair ramp. Neu's Hardware in Menomonee Falls donated screws, tape measures and blades.

"You put your own personal problems out of the way, and just do what’s right," Held said.

Contractors work to build a wheelchair ramp for Waukesha parade attack victims

As the mother and daughter are treated at the hospital, the kindness of strangers will mean the two can someday get back home.

"They’re doing better. they’re talking, which is good," said Perez.

The Perez family and the contractors have GoFundMe online fundraiser set up to help.


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