Watertown police looking for missing 16-year-old girl

WATERTOWN -- Watertown police are looking for a missing 16-year-old girl, on the eve of her 17th birthday. Police say Rachel Heller has been missing since Friday, August 24th.

Heller reportedly left her Watertown home without telling anyone and took an overnight bag with her. Police believe this indicates the teen was not abducted, but left her home voluntarily.

Heller's parents say the girl has run away before, but only for a few hours. They say the girl has a boyfriend, but they have been in contact with him since she went missing, and they've even tracked her Facebook account.

Katrina Heller is the girl's mother, and says the girl left behind her makeup, her favorite pillow, clothes and cell phone charger -- all things Katrina says her daughter would have taken if she had intentionally left home.

"They always say 'follow your gut instinct,' and something isn't right. Every day that passes it's harder and harder to hang onto the hope that Rachel's out there alive," Katrina Heller said.

Police are investigating potential leads to include any social media relationships the teen may have had.

"Understandably, the family is concerned and we are making every effort to locate the young lady to make sure she is safe," Watertown Police Chief Tim Roets said.

Heller's parents continue to hang flyers around Watertown and are pleading with the public to help them find their daughter.

"Whether that be the last person who talked to her or whether someone thinks they saw her, call police because it's going to be that one clue -- that one little thing that's going to give us our answers," Katrina Heller said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Watertown Police Department at (920) 261-6660.