Waterford man accused of taking pictures up woman's skirt at Pick 'N Save

WATERFORD -- 26-year-old Matthew Stegall of Waterford faces one charge of capturing an image of nudity without consent after allegedly taking pictures of a female under her dress while shopping at Pick 'N Save in Waterford.

Police reviewed surveillance video showing Stegall following the victim into an aisle of the store with his cell phone in his hand. The video shows Stegall looking around nervously, and following the victim closely throughout the aisle.

Later, the video shows Stegall in the produce section of the store with his wife and child -- before Stegall is seen leaving the store with the victim in quick pursuit of him. The two eventually re-enter the store, and the video shows the victim visibly upset and shows Stegall with his phone up to his ear.

When interviewed by police, Stegall admitted taking inappropriate pictures of the victim, and told police he has a porn addiction and needs help. Stegall told police he had taken similar photos at other local businesses. He told police taking the photos was "a high," and he would reportedly delete the photos once he came down from that high.

If convicted of the charge he faces, Stegall could be fined up to $10,000 or face a maximum of three years and six months in prison.