Watch: Man plays guitar, sings while undergoing brain surgery

TUBARAO, Brazil -- An amazing YouTube video shows a Brazilian man strumming his guitar and singing while undergoing brain surgery.

33-year-old Anthony Kulkamp Dias sang six songs while doctors performed surgery to remove his brain tumor, according to Hospital Nossa senhora da Conceicao.

Dias played The Beatles "Yesterday," a few Brazilian songs and an original number called "Emanuel," which is dedicated to his son.

He was awake and talking during the surgery to monitor and map his brain for activity and possible injuries to areas that control motor function and speech -- according to doctors, these functions might be affected by the removal of the tumor.

According to WJW, CNN affiliate TV Globo interviewed Dias and he said he found out about his brain tumor a few days before his son was born. The idea to play the guitar and sing while undergoing brain surgery came the day before he was wheeled into the operating room.

Dias has played the guitar for 20 years, and also plays the accordion, keyboards, trumpet and the flute.

The anesthesiologist and clinical director of the hospital, said the brain tissue does not have sensors to pain. However, the skin and other surrounding tissue do, which causes an interesting challenge for doctors on how to "keep the patient awake and pain-free."

Dias said he felt no pain and they removed 90% of his tumor.

See the video here: