Warning against dangerous driving, school officials tell students their classmates have died

BRODHEAD -- Officials at Brodhead High School wanted to teach students about the dangers of distracted driving -- but some said how they chose to do that went too far.

During announcements Monday morning, October 31st, students were told some of their classmates had died in car crashes.

That wasn't true.

A second announcement was heard minutes later, telling students this was all part of an exercise to warn them about dangerous driving.

"A lot of our fellow friends and students actually started crying because they thought these people were actually dead. I think a lot of them actually called their parents in school too," Madison Trombley said.


"It wasn't really effective. They were trying to teach using scare tactics -- which doesn't teach. It just makes you not trust the teachers," Sam Bolen said.

The superintendent and principal said they only received a few complaints from parents about this "drill."

School officials said their intention wasn't to cause stress.