Want a miracle burger? Get the recipe here!

Chef Micahel Nagovan representing Fire Pit Sports Bar & Grill inside Potowatomi Bingo & Casino stops by to talk about the new Miracle Burger being served during Potowatomi's Miracle on Canal Street promotion. Ingredients: 1 hamburger bun 2 1/4 pound all beef patties 2 slices of American cheese 5 pickle slices 1 tablespoon of 1000 Island dressing 1/3 cup of shredded lettuce 2 tsp melted butter Seasoning salt to taste Preparation Steps: 1)      Toast the buttered bun in the pan prior to cooking the burgers. 2)      Pan sear the burgers in a sauté pan using a little water first to keep the burgers from sticking to the pan. 3)      Season the burgers as you wish. Cook the burgers to the desired temperature. 4)      Place the cheese on the burgers. 5)      Toast the buttered bun in a pan prior to cooking the burgers. 6)      Place burgers on top of each other on the bottom part of the bun. 7)      Add the pickles on top, then 1000 Island dressing, lettuce then top with the bun top. Serve with fries.