Wanggaard, Lehman looking toward June general election

RACINE -- In the Racine state Senate recall election against Van Wanggaard, technically, there are two Democratic challengers on the ballot for Tuesday's primary, but one candidate is running as a protest candidate, or "fake Democrat." As a result, the real Democrat and Republican are looking forward to June's general election.

The battle for the 21st Assembly District may come down to who shakes the most hands or knocks on the most doors.

Incumbent Republican state Senator Wanggaard and Democratic challenger John Lehman spent the weekend campaigning in advance of Tuesday's recall primary. Both hope to represent the Racine County area between Mount Pleasant and Burlington.

Wanggaard served up meals at a pancake breakfast Saturday, May 5th. "We're going to keep our attitude like we're five points behind, and keep pushing forward. We're looking pretty good. Very confident we're going to come out of this in a positive way," Wanggaard said.

Sunday, May 6th, Lehman took in a labor rally. "The Racine race is a very close one. The last polling we saw was within the margin of error," Lehman said.

Lehman and Wanggaard faced off in the 2010 election, and both believe the June general election will be won by a slim margin. Both are hoping for enough support to win the Senate seat.

"People have been upset with this recall process. They're not happy about it because they think it's an attack on their vote," Wanggaard said.

"There's a lot of folks dug in. Very strongly supportive of me or very strongly supportive of my opponent," Lehman said.

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