Walworth County couple finds Air Force class ring with name inscribed; hopes to 'get it in the right hands'

WALWORTH COUNTY -- A priceless treasure was found inside a Walworth County home, and the people who uncovered it are hopeful you can help return it to its rightful owner.

"It would mean a lot. I'm hoping we can get it back to him," said Julie Hegemann.

"That's the big thing -- sentimental value," said Jim Hegemann.

Jim and Julie Hegemann found a ring inside a drawer at an old rental property.

"It says United States Air Force. Of course, it's got the emblem and the eagle and it's got 70 on the one side of it. His name is inscribed, underneath, on the side of that -- Phillip Vandervelde," said Jim Hegemann.

For two years, they have been looking for the person the ring belongs to.

"We have tried to locate the owner with no success," said Julie Hegemann.

They tucked it away in a cabinet, but this holiday season, something felt different.

"It would mean a lot to have them be able to have the ring back," said Julie Hegemann.

They're looking for help reuniting the Air Force Academy class ring with Vandervelde.

"Just to get it back to the owner or his significant other, or his family -- just to get in the right hands," said Jim Hegemann.

They've done some research, but have come up empty.

"It's real special. Hopefully we find this guy," said Jim Hegemann.

Anyone with information on the person this ring belongs to is asked to please reach out to us at FOX6 News.