Walmart warns customers of gift bag scam on social media

Walmart is warning customers to be wary of a scam on social media offering free gift bags and $75 vouchers to the store.

The fake Walmart Facebook account posted the Walmart gift-bag giveaway Tuesday in order to celebrate going plastic-free by the end of the year.

In the post, the fake account shared a photo of employees in front of multiple reusable bags with the caption:

"To celebrate the Great news of Walmart becoming plastic bags free by the end of 2021, we are giving one of these Walmart gift-bags to every person who share & comment before Thursday @ 5pm. Each person who does this will have their bag full of goodies and a $75 voucher delivered straight to their door on Friday!"

The account has a fake Walmart logo and doesn't have a blue checkmark that signifies when a brand or company is verified. However, more than 27,000 people follow the page.

However, Walmart spokesperson Casey Staheli told FOX Business that the page is "not affiliated with or endorsed by Walmart."

"We take any fraud impacting our customers seriously and continue to implement and improve upon measures designed to help guard against various consumer scams," Staheli said. "Walmart is closely partnered with law enforcement to thwart the epidemic of consumer fraud in the U.S."

However, not all customers fell for the scam. One of them even reported it to Walmart's verified page.

"There is something going around on another Walmart Facebook page, that if you share a certain post, you get a free reusable Walmart bag and so much on a Walmart gift card," the user wrote.

Walmart responded by saying the company is "deeply frustrated any time someone tries to use the Walmart name to scam others."

In order to help, Walmart directed the customer to the retailer's page dedicated to helping customers with fraud. The page includes a section called "How to protect yourself."

One of the tips states, "Don't click on or respond to online ads or websites offering free gift cards or other gifts."

The company asks customers to report any phony website claiming to be connected with Walmart to the company. Customers are also urged to contact the Better Business Bureau.



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