"Wall of Prejudice" creating buzz on Carroll University campus

WAUKESHA -- It's called the "Wall of Prejudice," and it's creating a lot of buzz on the Carroll University campus in Waukesha. On the wall, Carroll students are asked to write words that are used to discriminate and stereotype, and most FOX6 News is unable to show.

Carroll University student Sam Green says he is concerned the wall may be sending some unintended messages. "There's a lot of people not affiliated with the school that don't know what it's really about, so that's a problem. There is a middle school right around the corner, so I don't know how kids will react. They're going to ask people what these words mean that they've never seen before," Green said.

Mike Zanotelli is president of the Pi Lambda Phi fraternity, that focuses on the elimination of prejudice. The fraternity came up with the idea for the "Wall of Prejudice." "Issues like this are often kept in the closet. It's something that no one really wants to talk about, so no change ever really happens. (The wall) should help bring awareness to the things that people find hurtful and that would help stimulate conversation, which thankfully, it already has," Zanotelli said.

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Later in the week, Carroll students will tear the wall down with hammers and bats - symbolically breaking down the prejudices.

Carroll University officials approved the wall, and say it is drawing a lot of attention. Theresa Barry, Dean of Students, says the university has gotten feedback both positive and negative. The feedback caused school officials to move the wall farther from the street, but not too far to stop the stimulation of student conversation. "That's what we want people to talk about - 'wow, you've been called that in your life? What was that like? What does it mean to you?'" Barry said.