Walker, Barrett take in Brewers home opener Friday

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals weren't the only rivals at Miller Park Friday, April 6th, during the Brewers home opener at Miller Park. Both Gov. Scott Walker and Mayor Tom Barrett showed up to root for the home team.

Even though the men are campaigning for the upcoming recall election June 5, they both said they weren't stumping Friday and were simply there for baseball. But with 46,000 people on hand, politics were sure to come up. And with lots of alcohol flowing, Barrett said he was aware of the potential for confrontation.

"I was out meeting with tailgaters and people are in a great mood when it's opening day, so the key is to catch 'em before they're too lubricated, I guess is what I would call it," Barrett said.

Barrett stood outside the park before the game, shaking hands and posing for pictures. Walker kept a lower profile, simply taking his seats with his family. "Actually, most people were pretty good. Even a couple folks that had a few drinks tailgating before they came through the parking lot, still were all good. They're happy to see people out enjoying the game and I think most people were in a good mood, so it's alright," Walker said.

Walker called the weekend a "double blessing," saying he would take his mind off politics to watch the Brewers game and then to celebrate Easter with his family.