"Walk with Walker" kicks off fourth year at Pettit Center

WEST ALLIS (WITI) -- Wisconsin's First Lady was in town Monday morning, March 17th to walk.

First Lady Tonette Walker led her 1st "Walk with Walker" event of 2014 at the Pettit National Ice Center. This is walk number 32 in 4 years for Wisconsin’s First Lady. It’s part of her mission to promote health and wellness.

“I’ve been able to go all over the state of Wisconsin but this one is right in my own back yard,” said First Lady Tonette Walker.

It is only the second time they have taken the event indoors. Not everyone may even be aware of the track at the Pettit National Ice Center, but the word of its existence definitely spread this winter. It has been very popular for runners, athletes and even high school track teams as an alternative to the cold.

Monday morning it was reserved for walkers, like Rhonda Einberger and her two kids.

“This is our first time. We actually live about a 2 blocks away and thought it was kind of crazy she was here. We just really wanted to come and take a walk with her,” said Einberger.

Einberger also shares in the First Lady’s goal of health and wellness. “It’s important to stay active,” she said, “We home school our kids. It`s a harder thing for them to stay active because they don`t have the gym classes and things that public school kids have. For them to take this opportunity, it’s just a really nice thing.”

First Lady Tonette Walker also hopes that this event raises awareness for all the Pettit Center has to offer.

“I think people are looking for those places to stay fit and active when it’s not so nice outside,” said Mrs. Walker, “I think it’s really well known here in southeastern Wisconsin, but I don`t think people really know around the state how special this place is.”

The walk was about two miles long -- which is about eight laps at the Pettit Center.