Volunteers to clean up stretch of state land in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Volunteers are gathering at the corner of 5th and Rogers in Milwaukee Saturday morning at 10 a.m. to clean up a stretch of land owned by the state. Alderman Jim Witkowiak and his team are expected to provide supplies and equipment for the event.

The frontage area of the freeway stretching from Greenfield Ave. to Chase Ave. is owned by the State of Wisconsin, who contracts maintenance of the land to Milwaukee County. The county, however, only receives enough funds to tend to the area, including grass cutting and clean-up, once annually. Recent lack of snowfall has showcased litter and other unsightliness across this gateway to the adjacent residential neighborhood.

In a news release issued Friday afternoon, Alderman Witkowiak said, "The county is doing what it can here. It is unlikely the state would allocate more funds for more frequent maintenance of the land, so I’m asking our neighbors to adopt a block of this area to clean up. My staff and I will take ownership of the area of S. 5th St. from Mitchell St. to Maple St. and do our part to help improve the area’s “welcome mat” and create a more favorable impression for visitors to our district.”

If you'd like to help join the cleanup process, you're invited to take part in Saturday's effort.